1 Approach A Day

In relation to my recent post on feeling lost, I’ve decided to refocus this blog and my mindset on my process of learning game. I’m an avid manosphere reader, I follow heartiste, roosh, krauser, and others but by now I feel like I’m going through information overload. On the one hand, I know all this stuff about hypergamy, women’s mindsets, male dominance and so on, but on the other hand I’m still at a loss of what to say to a new girl I don’t know.

So it’s back to basics for me: I need to refocus all my efforts on learning Game. The plan is this-one approach a day. An approach counts as opening with “hi” or and observational question, anything that gets a conversation going. The exception is during nightgame. Dancing with a girl counts as an approach, even if no words were exchanged. If I do three approaches in one day, I can take the next day off to reflect and research. Speaking of research, I’ve decided to only read game blogs for 30 minutes a day, and make notes of what I read, to get the most out of it.

I like the 1 approach/day idea because that’s what I did back in the winter of 2011 during December to learn Game. Even though my cold approaches were mostly unsuccessful, I believe the conversational skills I developed actually helped me land my first and only girlfriend, who I met in a class.

The idea is to get Vkontakte (the ukrainian/russian version of FB) info, then eventually start going on dates with these girls. When I get dates, on that day I don’t have to approach a new girl. The approaches have to be on girls that meet my attraction threshold-they don’t have to be models, but they have to be thin and somewhat facially attractive. If I get to a point where I’m dating 3 girls at one time, I’m only going to approach super hot girls to replace any one of the 3 in my roster, unless one of these girls becomes my girlfriend, in which case I will call my efforts a success and focus on other things life. Thing is, my girlfriend bar is pretty high. I expect the girl to be pretty, sweet, be able to cook and keep the drama to a minimum while putting out at any time I want. Some intellectual conversation would be nice too, but not a must. From now on, I will post my field reports and maybe revelations if I have any after approaches. Enough navel-gazing, time for action!!


Why I Came To Ukraine

I was originally born here back in the 90s, immigrated to Canada first with my family, then the US. Anyways, after a 3 year stint in the Navy, I went to college but it didn’t really work out for me, so last summer my dad was like…”hey, why not go study medicine in Ukraine just like I did?” Well it seemed like a good idea at the time especially after failing a second class during my 3rd semester and a 1.8 gpa in college.

When I really examine my motivations though, I realize that I don’t really give a shit about medicine, it’s not a calling, just a way to make money for me. No, the real reason and what I was looking forward to by making this leap was all the Ukrainian girls I’ve heard so many wonderful things about! What I’d like to have ideally is one cool chick who is feminine and pretty, but I haven’t got that yet, and I’m not even getting laid either. I think this is the reason why I feel like shit, because affection is a natural human need and when you’re not getting it as a man, you’re gonna feel fucked up until you do get it. That’s why I made it my focus to work on my game, and do the bare minimum I need in school to get by. My motivation for studying is shot, and I’m confident that unless I get my sex/love life fixed, I won’t be able to study and focus like I need to.


This is gonna sound like a bitch fest but I just have to get it off my chest. I’ve been here in ukraine 3 months now, and I feel like I’m totally fuckin lost and unsatisfied with my life. During the week, I go to school, do some studying, take care of some errands, and then the weekends are spent hanging out in front of my computer, or drinking with my shitty friends. Nah, my friends are actually good guys but they’re complacent. So that makes them shitty because I’m trying to be better than what I am right now. Anyways, the main problem is…girl problems, what else? Or more specifically, lack thereof. fuck, I havent’ blogged in a long time and theres a lot on my mind, I got to organize my thoughts.

Look basically I’ve been trying to follow a weekly plan of working out, studying, and reading books, and trying to hit on girls, but by the end of the week I get so drained of energy I feel like all I wanna do is sit in front of the computer. Every single weekend I think to myself…I wish I just knew the answer. I wish I knew what I have to know. But fuck all that, I hate wallowing in self-pity. I got so much on my mind right now that I can’t even say it all without sounding incoherent, so I’m gonna make a commitment to blog every other day, and hopefully fill in the blank spots of my life for the last three months, and to plan ahead for the future. Anyways, here’s the plan for the next week:

  1. 12 hours of studying (this means my ass is firmly planted on my seat, books open)
  2. 1 approach during the week in classes/1 on Friday after classes/3 on Saturday at the club/2 on Sunday.
  3. Work out 5 times/week.
  4. 2 hours ice skating.
  5. 10 pages or more book reading/day.
  6. Take care of errands every day.
  7. 1 hour of chess study/week.
  8. Take Vitamin D every morning.
  9. Wake up at 7 AM every morning.
  10. Go to every class.

I need to make these 10 points my habits until they’re subconsciously imprinted in my mind. I have more I’d like to focus on, but 10 is enough for now.


What does a man need to be happy in life? I think the answer is balance. Balance between work, friends, girl(s), and some personal time to contemplate spirituality or projects.

I’ve been trying to find ways to achieve the perfect schedule between study and social life, but it hasn’t really worked out yet. I’ve tried a weekly planner and a 3 day planner of a rough outline of how I’m gonna spend my time each day, but so far I find it hard or impractical to stick to, so I need to try something else.

Instead, I’m gonna try setting up weekly goals, and revisit them every sunday to see where I’m at.

1) School-stay ahead of class assignments by one day.

*stay up until 12 am studying every day until this is done.

2) Social life-make plans to go out with the guys in my study group on the weekend.

*if this falls through, then go to the gym and make friends with the guys there.

3) Girls-go on a date by sunday

*10 internet approaches through mamba.ru

*1 day approach on Friday

*2 approaches on Friday or Saturday night

4) Errands-stuff is piling up, so I need better time management.

*spend 2 hours/day taking care of errands until everything is done.

*1 hour of blogging every other day.

Next week I will revisit and analyze any changes to be made.



Hello and welcome!

This blog is intended to be a random collection of my thoughts on a variety of issues; politics, philosophy, economics, relationships, personal development. Also, personal experiences and photos that I feel are worthy of mention.

About me: I’m a mid-twenties guy who has seen/had more experiences than most guys my age. And yet, I’m still trying to figure out who I am. Hopefully by writing this stuff down, I can make sense of life and put myself on the path to happiness and success.

Don’t ask for my identity, because some of the stuff I’m gonna talk about is gonna be controversial and personal.