What does a man need to be happy in life? I think the answer is balance. Balance between work, friends, girl(s), and some personal time to contemplate spirituality or projects.

I’ve been trying to find ways to achieve the perfect schedule between study and social life, but it hasn’t really worked out yet. I’ve tried a weekly planner and a 3 day planner of a rough outline of how I’m gonna spend my time each day, but so far I find it hard or impractical to stick to, so I need to try something else.

Instead, I’m gonna try setting up weekly goals, and revisit them every sunday to see where I’m at.

1) School-stay ahead of class assignments by one day.

*stay up until 12 am studying every day until this is done.

2) Social life-make plans to go out with the guys in my study group on the weekend.

*if this falls through, then go to the gym and make friends with the guys there.

3) Girls-go on a date by sunday

*10 internet approaches through

*1 day approach on Friday

*2 approaches on Friday or Saturday night

4) Errands-stuff is piling up, so I need better time management.

*spend 2 hours/day taking care of errands until everything is done.

*1 hour of blogging every other day.

Next week I will revisit and analyze any changes to be made.



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