Why I Came To Ukraine

I was originally born here back in the 90s, immigrated to Canada first with my family, then the US. Anyways, after a 3 year stint in the Navy, I went to college but it didn’t really work out for me, so last summer my dad was like…”hey, why not go study medicine in Ukraine just like I did?” Well it seemed like a good idea at the time especially after failing a second class during my 3rd semester and a 1.8 gpa in college.

When I really examine my motivations though, I realize that I don’t really give a shit about medicine, it’s not a calling, just a way to make money for me. No, the real reason and what I was looking forward to by making this leap was all the Ukrainian girls I’ve heard so many wonderful things about! What I’d like to have ideally is one cool chick who is feminine and pretty, but I haven’t got that yet, and I’m not even getting laid either. I think this is the reason why I feel like shit, because affection is a natural human need and when you’re not getting it as a man, you’re gonna feel fucked up until you do get it. That’s why I made it my focus to work on my game, and do the bare minimum I need in school to get by. My motivation for studying is shot, and I’m confident that unless I get my sex/love life fixed, I won’t be able to study and focus like I need to.


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