1 Approach A Day

In relation to my recent post on feeling lost, I’ve decided to refocus this blog and my mindset on my process of learning game. I’m an avid manosphere reader, I follow heartiste, roosh, krauser, and others but by now I feel like I’m going through information overload. On the one hand, I know all this stuff about hypergamy, women’s mindsets, male dominance and so on, but on the other hand I’m still at a loss of what to say to a new girl I don’t know.

So it’s back to basics for me: I need to refocus all my efforts on learning Game. The plan is this-one approach a day. An approach counts as opening with “hi” or and observational question, anything that gets a conversation going. The exception is during nightgame. Dancing with a girl counts as an approach, even if no words were exchanged. If I do three approaches in one day, I can take the next day off to reflect and research. Speaking of research, I’ve decided to only read game blogs for 30 minutes a day, and make notes of what I read, to get the most out of it.

I like the 1 approach/day idea because that’s what I did back in the winter of 2011 during December to learn Game. Even though my cold approaches were mostly unsuccessful, I believe the conversational skills I developed actually helped me land my first and only girlfriend, who I met in a class.

The idea is to get Vkontakte (the ukrainian/russian version of FB) info, then eventually start going on dates with these girls. When I get dates, on that day I don’t have to approach a new girl. The approaches have to be on girls that meet my attraction threshold-they don’t have to be models, but they have to be thin and somewhat facially attractive. If I get to a point where I’m dating 3 girls at one time, I’m only going to approach super hot girls to replace any one of the 3 in my roster, unless one of these girls becomes my girlfriend, in which case I will call my efforts a success and focus on other things life. Thing is, my girlfriend bar is pretty high. I expect the girl to be pretty, sweet, be able to cook and keep the drama to a minimum while putting out at any time I want. Some intellectual conversation would be nice too, but not a must. From now on, I will post my field reports and maybe revelations if I have any after approaches. Enough navel-gazing, time for action!!


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